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Martin Doyle

Director Sizzle Reel

"I fell in love with films at a very young age, staying up as a young boy during the weekends or school holidays to watch films with my parents who loved movies. I fell in love with 'The Dollars Trilogy', comedies with Peter Sellers and science fiction - 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'War of the Worlds' and 'King Kong'.


Though I couldn't always remember the stories, the images from films like 'Midnight Cowboy'  'Papillon' and 'Where Eagles Dare' stayed with me. However, seeing 'Star Wars', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' forever imprinted into my mind the emotions, ideas, and grandeur of movie storytelling magic.  


Though I originally fell into acting, film has always been my goal. Now I am retired from performance I am embracing the creation of cinema magic, understanding the business and bringing my extensive experience and personal philosophy to become the best film director I can possibly be. To bring cinematic magic to the audience in the way movies affects me is my primary soul fulfilling purpose'. 


Martin Doyle



  • Award winning narrative short film director with 12 International film festival credits (2012 – 2016). All three productions I produced, edited, wrote and directed. I also was the Cinematographer on my award winning film (Cinema London Film Festival - 2017 Best Sci-Fi).

  • 20+ years of industry set and studio experience covering media, theatre, film and television (Actor & Director).

  • Proven track record of directing video productions in varying styles and formats.

  • 5 + Years contracted in media and development houses.

  • Excellent communicator with firm grasp of technology requirements and excellent collaborator.

  • Live entertainment production experience as writer, director and producer.


Director; Screenwriting; Scriptwriting; Editing (including colour correcting, grading and audio editing); Concept Creation; World building; Content Creation;  Producing; Live entertainment production; Corporate Film & video production. Adobe Premiere Pro CC; Adobe After Effects; Adobe Audition; Davinci Resolve; Red Giant Software; Microsoft Office Suite;  Camera Operation.


Leadership; Motivation; Strategic problem solving; Empathy; Collaboration; Positive attitude; Patient; Calm and logical under pressure; Strong communicator; Growth mindset - always learning; Commercially minded; Diplomatic; Honest; Responsible and mindful.



MA (Master's Degree) in Film & Genre Story Structures, Screenwriting and Low Budget Film Production.

Raindance, London / Accredited by Staffordshire University .