'4T48' -  Kowa Anamorphic Lens test with Canon 550D -  Test.
Martin Doyle

'4T48' - Kowa Anamorphic Lens test with Canon 550D - Test.

PLEASE NOTE * This is an anamorphic LENS TEST!!! There is minimal story here!!! Trailer for the Festival Short Film here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghXyqYmmW4g We shot this featuring with talented actress Melissa Clements. Before the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour film challenge 2014, I wanted to see how the Kowa Anamorphic lens would operate so we performed this test with a 550D with its stock 50mm lens and the Kowa. I wanted to stay as low-profile as possible so I didn't use a rig, diopters (would need a matt box for diopters), nor a monitor. I wanted to test the possibility of shooting sci-fi styled short with no effects relying on the architecture and street lights. I edited this in Avid - transcoded the footage to DNxHD 36 - and performed a light grade in Davinci. So aside from the title page no visual effects have been added. Its a bit soft/out of focus at times and a bit shaky in places - for close-ups you really are supposed use diopters, but I am happy with it in general and Melissa's performance was so good the whole thing inspired my composer friend to create a brand new piece of music. Next time I think I'll use everything I didn't use this time and maybe a camera with a bit more resolution, though the 550D did impress me. I love the anamorphic look and will be using this on a short film soon. P.S. - The Kowa is a x2 Anamorphic lens so the aspect ratio is bit wider than normal cinema anamorphic stretch.