Martin Doyle

Director, Screenwriter, Filmmaker. 

mobile. 07834 815 446   email.   web. 

Base. Coulsdon, London   Full Clean Driving Licence

Video Portfolio -  


Core skills

Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Camera Operator


Secondary Skills

Audio, Visual FX, Colour Co-Correction, Colour Grade.  



Celtx, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Avid, Adobe Audition, Microsoft Office / Outlook / OneDrive, Google Drive / Docs,  Basecamp, Asana, Yamdu, 



  • Narrative, Factual, Branding, Message, online, short, genre

  • Collaborate with department heads for their best ideas

  • Working with actors (Retired Actor of 15 years myself) / human psychology

  • Directing drama scenes with subtext - visual and dialogue

  • Directing action - blocking, pacing, choreography

  • Directing the frame - Mise en scene.  

  • Honest Energy - consistency of story tone -  flowing through scenes from previous to subsequent scenes. 

  • Technically Proficient 

  • Great humour and comedy awareness (Professional comedy experience). 

  • Awareness of budget and contractual practices. 

  • Motivation and Leadership.

  • Production Workflow Strategy - Problem Solving. 

  • Driving Story with core themes / Thematic storytelling.

  • Genre and audience awareness - targeted storytelling.

  • Core identity demonstrated through performance. 

  • Directing to schedule and budget   



  • Concept Creation 

  • Drama and Multi Genre -  Thriller, Science Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy. 

  • Story Writing - Short Form, Promotional, Serial, Feature.

  • Script writing - Story structure, Genre Tropes. 

  • Screenwriting - Writing to a specific budget. 

  • Subtext - Dialogue and Visual.

  • Thematic Structure and Storytelling.



  • Film Business Awareness: Online Marketing, Crowd sourcing, crowdfunding, video blog, blog posts - Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. 

  • Former Actor (Retired) - Morwenna Preston Management 2003-2015

  • Workshop Leader - Birmingham City Council 

  • Guest lecturer at SAE Institute and West London University for film production.  

  • LIve entertainment and theatre production (Writer, Producer, Director, Choreographer). 

  • Experience in several Production Houses - Insitu Digital - London, Firehouse - London, Actors One Stop Shop - London, 



Master Degree -  Master of Arts (MA)  in Film Raindance / Staffordshire University


Writers Foundation Certificate Raindance

Film Production, New media and Internet Distribution Shooting People/Bafta

Creating a Business Plan Raindance

Running a Production Company Raindance

Film Finance & Budgeting Raindance

HD Film Production Living Spirit

Directors Course Seminars Series New Producers Alliance

Producers Course Seminar Series New Producers Alliance

Assistant Producer Arc Developments Ltd (On the job training)

A-Level Performing Arts Joseph Chamberlain 6th Form College

A-Level Theatre Studies Joseph Chamberlain 6th Form College

Media Studies Joseph Chamberlain 6th Form College

Director Credits

2019 Editor  Documentary Africa Rising - The New Technology Revolution African Digital Consultancy

2019 Director / Editor Social Domaine Gayda - 9 vessels Insitu Digital

2019 Filmmaker Social Cyco Cafe Freelance

2019 Editor / Graphics Corporate Insitu Digital Showreel 2019 Insitu Digital 

2019 Editor / Graphics Corporate OTD Motivation Series 'OPRAH Smart Goals' Insitu Digital 

2019 Editor / Graphics Corporate W&C French Insitu Digital 

2018 Director / Writer  Corporate Kingfisher PLC 'Unique & Unified' video promotion Firehouse Ltd 

2016-18 Writer / Content Creator Digital Insitu Video Content Development Insitu Digital 

2018 Director / Editor  Corporate Bayer PLC - Eylea Training Series Insitu Digital 

2018 Editor / Graphics Digital/Social Insitu Instagram Promo Clips Series Insitu Digital 

2018 Editor / Graphics Corporate Insitu Video Showreel 2018 Insitu Digital 

2018 Editor / Graphics Corporate Johnson & Johnson - Vita A Product Promotion Video Insitu Digital 

2017 Director / Editor / Writer Digital Insitu Interaction Animation Video Insitu Digital 

2017 Writer / Director Online Care 4 Today 'How To...' - Instruction Video Series Insitu Digital 

2016 Director/ Producer/ Film (Short) Vegetation A Tad Too Far 

Writer/ Visual FX/Editor 

2016 Director / Editor / Writer Corporate 'The Harvest' - Domaine Gayda Wines Promo Video Insitu Digital 

2016 Editor/ Producer Education University West London Student Showreels University West London 

2015 Filmmaker Online Story By Chance: The Making of 'MC7-1' A Tad Too Far Films

2015 Filmmaker Film (Short) MC7-1 A Tad Too Far Films

2015 Producer, Director Live Event Care 4 Today - Johnson & Johnson Speaker Series Insitu 

2015 Director Live Event Lyceum Credit - Annual Shareholders and CEO Meeting Insitu 

2015 Director Corporate SDI International - Holland Company Profile Fuel FX - USA 

2014 Filmmaker Music Video ‘French Connection’ by Alberteen Rhythm & Noir Records

2014 Filmmaker Film (Short) Hit'im A Tad Too Far Films 

2014 Filmmaker Film (Short) 4T48 A Tad Too Far Films

2014 Director/Editor Film (Short) In a Small Place A Tad Too Far Films

2014 Director/Editor Corporate Engage Sciences - Elevator Pitch & Testimonials Engage Sciences 

2014 Editor Corporate Objective Connect - Testimonial Objective Connect 

2014 Director/Editor Commercial Empathy Training for Pharmacists NHS Manchester 

2014 Editor Corporate Care 4 Today NHS 

2013 Writer, Director, Editor Film (Short) Mr Pencils Creative Persuasion A Tad Too Far Films

2013 DoP, Editor Film (Short) Whispers  (Dir) Gordon Warnecke One Step Beyond 

2013 Producer / Editor TV Pilot You Look Stunning Too (Dir) Nina Hatchwell TransHatch Productions

2013 Camera Operator Film (Short) Our Life in Stuff  (Dir) Gordon Warnecke One Step Beyond 

2012 Writer, Director, Editor Film (Short) Expectations A Tad Too Far Films 

2010-12 Writer, Director, Editor Web series The Great Vote A Tad Too Far Films 

2011 Filmmaker Music Video “Girl and a Gun” by Alberteen Rhythm & Noir Records

2008-10 Writer / Director / Editor Film (Short) Y SCI FI A Tad Too Far Films 

2010-11 Director / Editor Showreels Showreel Scenes for Actors Actor’s One Stop Shop

2006 Director/Writer/Editor

Producer Short Film Dean & Annette A Tad Too Far Films 

2004-11 Editor Showreels Showreels for Actors A Tad Too Far Films

2004 Director/Writer/Editor

Producer Short Film Roulette A Tad Too Far Films

2004-06 Filmmaker Live Video Kazzum Arts Theatrical Performances Kazzum Arts

Producer Short Film Nodding Tree A Tad Too Far Films 

2003 Director/Writer/Editor

Producer Short Film Perfect Evening A Tad Too Far Films 

2003-05 Filmmaker Video Kazzum Community Outreach Projects Kazzum Arts

2003 Director/Writer/Editor

Producer Short Film The Unfortunate Mr Oakley A Tad Too Far Films