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I currently have a slate of four feature films scripts and three scripts in currently in the writing phase.  Here are the first two...


'4 T 4 8'    (c) (TM)

Set in the near future, this is a story about Valerie. A graduate who has chosen to be free from financial slavery in the most expensive country in the world. London.



Here is a test video we made in Spring 2014. The idea was to shoot London to see how sci-fi it could look without any sets or visual effect enhancements. To do this I tested an old Kowa anamorphic projection lens fitted to a Canon 550D. I was also delightfully suprised that the Kowa lens gave the test short a classic feel in terms of image quality, even though focusing is an difficult process...


Long-time collabarator composer Elliott Daniels created a beautful piece of music that suited the look of the short in a fusion of classic and futristic music, and gives the short a cinematic quality suited to the anamorphic presentation. 





















Once I had completed the test video, I needed a genuine example of what the feature film would be like. After writing a short script in November 2014, in Feb 2015 I launched a Kickstarter campain to make a test short film 'MC7-1' with Melissa Clements returning to perfom the character now named 'Valda Stessen'. 


The short has just been completed and will be entered into festivals as well as used to promote a feature film. 



'The Great Vote' (c) (TM)

The first draft was written in 2007.



For more information and a concept trailer link for 'The Great Vote' or any of my other scripts, please contact me.

Test Shot - TGV - 2012
Test Shot - TGV - 2012