This is an experimental fight shoot. Though I have made short films with action sequences I have never filmed a fight scene between two people. So when actor Kiel O'Shea asked me if I would film one of his fight sequences I thought it would be a great opportunity.


The fight was originally choreographed for stage by our Fight Director Lewis Penfold so we had to slightly modify it so it could be shot on film. This ended up being a six hour shoot with rehearsal time so it was quite tight. It was also filmed with very limited space. As a first attempt I'm pretty happy with the results. I learned a HUGE amount for the next!


Music was supplied by my long time collaborator and brilliant musician composer Elliott Daniels.


Guy in Leather Coat - Andrew Kinsler 
Guy in Suit - Kiel O'Shea

Fight Choreography & Director - Lewis Penfold

Music by - Elliott Daniels

Production Assistant - Gordon Warnecke
Runner - Joshua O'Shea

Film By - Martin Doyle