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WE DID IT! Successful Kickstarter Campaign for 'MC7-1'.

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March 6th 2015 and my first Kickstarter campaign is a success. I must say, the past two weeks has been a rollercoaster ride. I started out optimistic, then 5 days before the deadline I was sure we wouldn't achieve the target. 3 days to go I was convinced I failed. Then it all turned around.

Kickstarter say's 'it takes a crowd to make a crowd'. That is seriously true. People are much more likely to get involved as long as others are already involved. Upon seeing our Kickstarter campaign many friends and family committed help, and in the first three days of campaigning, I raised over £300 with many promised pledges awaiting to come in. but for the next 5 days or so, very little money came in.

It was the weekend before and we were at the £400 mark. Nothing was happening, pledges were not coming in. My wife and I looked at each other and shook our heads. ‘This film isn’t going to happen’.

I must admit, though things looked bleak, I never gave up. I made plenty of updates and used social media as much as I could, even when I thought nothing would happen.

One of the actors – Nina Hatchwell, came thundering into the fund raising (as a previously successful Kickstarter funder herself) and made her own updates and threw new ideas at me.

Both actors, Nina and Melissa Clements, plugged away to raise money as did my wife and a few friends, generously sharing Facebook and Twitter updates, but still there was no crowd. It looked like everyone lost interest.

Then out of the blue, we had our first Executive Producer come on-board with a £500 pledge taking us up to £800, after which several others made other big pledges. We got the boost we desperately needed.

The more people gave, the more others wanted to give. Friends who made promises to pledge finally ‘got around’ to giving. Old mates gave surprise donations. In the last 48 hours of promoting we made-up 60% of the budget.

I never expected it at all, and many strangers off social media and Kickstarter also made pledges.

Then 1 hour before the deadline, we hit target!

I was blown away!

Then I realised, I have 10 days for pre-production...

In the past I have self-funded my projects... now I realise I have 46 people to answer to!

Nerves have kicked in!

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