• Martin Doyle

My Festival Short 'Y SCI FI' is now online to watch!

At last - my first festival short film 'Y Sci Fi' is now available to view online!

How would superior life treat us? Lost in the middle of the countryside at night, three friends hike through the hills becomes a relentless nightmare. Chased through the night Ken, Sal and Mike run from lights in the sky. The pursuers intentions are clearly realised when Ken is brutally murdered for no discernible reason. Exhausted and lost, Sal and Mike must find a way to safety from beings who know their every turn, hiding place and every thought.

Official Selection - International Horror & Sci Fi Festival Phoenix 2012 Phoenix Film Festival 2012 Phoenix Comic Con Film Festival 2012 Chicon 7 International Film Festival 2012 Roswell International Sci-Fi Film Festival 2012 Tri Cities International Fantastic Film Festival 2012 Filmed in Oct 2008 and released in 2012, featuring Aliens, Creatures, UFO's and gripping adventure, our short film explores why we love science fiction storytelling and its importance as a genre.

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