• Martin Doyle

Adding the cinematic to Wine! 'Domaine Gayda' wine film is now online!

This is my first wine video and I'm very happy with the way its turned out. Full of energy and lots of fun without going too far...

Domaine Gayda located in Brugairolles, South of France. An amazing winery, owners of many organic vineyards in the surrounding areas. In 2016 they asked us for a new video to show their passion and identity in making their wines, covering their many 'terroirs' without making an obvious wine video. I wrote, directed, edited, co-produced this video for Insitu productions and Domaine Gayda.

I am very proud of this film. I was allowed to go 'cinematic' with the approach whilst keeping in tone with the subject matter, avoiding more traditional winery films.

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Grader - Martin Doyle Cam operation - Andy Cornick Music Composed by Elliott Daniels Producer / Production Manager- Paul Newman - Insitu Producer - Thomas Delfs Insitu Producer - Timothy Ford - Domaine Gayda

Shot on Canon C100 L series Zooms and 50mm 1.8 DJI OSMO

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