Y Sci Fi - Festival Science Fiction Short Film / Adventure Thriller
Martin Doyle

Y Sci Fi - Festival Science Fiction Short Film / Adventure Thriller How would superior life treat us? Lost in the middle of the countryside at night, three friends hike through the hills becomes a relentless nightmare. Chased through the night Ken, Sal and Mike run from lights in the sky. The pursuers intentions are clearly realised when Ken is brutally murdered for no discernible reason. Exhausted and lost, Sal and Mike must find a way to safety from beings who know their every turn, hiding place and every thought. Official Selection - International Horror & Sci Fi Festival Phoenix 2012 Phoenix Film Festival 2012 Phoenix Comic Con Film Festival 2012 Chicon 7 International Film Festival 2012 Roswell International Sci-Fi Film Festival 2012 Tri Cities International Fantastic Film Festival 2012 Filmed in Oct 2008 and released in 2012, our short film about why we love science fiction storytelling and its importance as a genre is finally online! This is a special edition version of the original short film. Cast Mike - Peter Halpin Sal - Hester Ruoff Kenn - Femi Houghton Woman in the car - Becky Keane Man in the car & The Alien Visitor - Roger Wright Martina the Stargazer - Melissa Clements Crew Writer, Producer, Director - Martin Doyle Executive Producers - Tyler Kings, Tracey Conroy Co Producers - Barbara Van Aken and Beverly Lindsay Co- Producer - Noel Flores-Watson Associate Producer - Gordon Warnecke Associate Producer - Akua Obeng Frimpong Director of Photography - Anna Carrington Gaffer - Jon Ball 42 Productions 1st Assistant Director - Irene Maffei Steadycam - Dave Hughes Focus Puller - Kendra Cheng Make Up - Yoyo Tayler Life Guard - Chris De Costa CGI Models & Sequences - Noel Flores-Watson CGI Annimators - Noel Flores-Watson, Tamsin Aston Day to Night Conversion - Martin Doyle Visual Effects - Martin Doyle Creature Designs - Noel Flores-Watson Alien Mask - Mike Peel Dog Alien Puppet - Noel Flores-Watson Set Builder - Noel Flores-Watson Editor - Martin Doyle Sound Engineers & Sound Master Marco Lavarone & Nichos MiSound ADR - Marco Lavarone & Nichos MiSound Sound Effects - Tim Atkins Foley - Tim Atkins Music Composed, Arranged & Performed by Elliott Daniels D-Cinema Conversion - Carousel Media Special Edition Camera Operators - Martin Doyle, ' Jack', Anna Carrington Sound Design - Stewart Dugdale Visual Effects and Editing - Martin Doyle Earth Animation and Model - Gary Tonge Filmed on a Sony EX1. Special Edition Filmed with Sony EX1 with Letus 35mm Nikon lenses, Canon 550D Edited on Avid Media Composer Effects and Day to Night Conversion - Adobe After Effects
'4T48' -  Kowa Anamorphic Lens test with Canon 550D -  Test.
Martin Doyle

'4T48' - Kowa Anamorphic Lens test with Canon 550D - Test.

PLEASE NOTE * This is an anamorphic LENS TEST!!! There is minimal story here!!! Trailer for the Festival Short Film here - We shot this featuring with talented actress Melissa Clements. Before the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour film challenge 2014, I wanted to see how the Kowa Anamorphic lens would operate so we performed this test with a 550D with its stock 50mm lens and the Kowa. I wanted to stay as low-profile as possible so I didn't use a rig, diopters (would need a matt box for diopters), nor a monitor. I wanted to test the possibility of shooting sci-fi styled short with no effects relying on the architecture and street lights. I edited this in Avid - transcoded the footage to DNxHD 36 - and performed a light grade in Davinci. So aside from the title page no visual effects have been added. Its a bit soft/out of focus at times and a bit shaky in places - for close-ups you really are supposed use diopters, but I am happy with it in general and Melissa's performance was so good the whole thing inspired my composer friend to create a brand new piece of music. Next time I think I'll use everything I didn't use this time and maybe a camera with a bit more resolution, though the 550D did impress me. I love the anamorphic look and will be using this on a short film soon. P.S. - The Kowa is a x2 Anamorphic lens so the aspect ratio is bit wider than normal cinema anamorphic stretch.